How can I connect my Sequence Wallet to applications like Uniswap or Opensea?

You can connect your Sequence Wallet to a decentralized application by selecting the ‘Connect with WalletConnect’ option. A QR code will appear, which you need to scan with your Sequence Wallet by clicking on the Scan button (you can also copy the WalletConnect code and paste it in the Scan window in your Sequence Wallet).

1. Select ‘WalletConnect’ on the the website/application you need to connect your Sequence Wallet to:


2. You will see a QR code appear. If you are accessing your Sequence Wallet on a desktop, click on ‘Copy to clipboard’:


3. Click on ‘Scan’ inside your Sequence Wallet to scan on mobile. If you’re on desktop, also click on ‘Scan’:


4. On desktop, click on ‘WalletConnect: Paste Code’:


That’s it! Your Sequence Wallet should now be connected to the desired application.

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