What are the main features of the Sequence Wallet?

  • View token balances: Users can see all tokens (crypto, NFTs, collectibles, etc.) they own in their wallet across all networks supported by the Sequence Wallet. 
  • Transfer assets: Users can transfer their tokens outside of the wallet to their contacts or other arbitrary addresses. 
  • Connect with Web3 dapps, games, marketplaces, DeFi and more: Sequence lets you access an increasing number of applications across Web3, the next generation of the Internet.
  • Transaction data translation: Encoded transactions data can be viewed in a human-friendly readable format generated by Sequence to ensure comprehension. Original transaction data can still be viewed and should be considered as the source of truth by users. 
  • Purchase USDC and other assets: Users will be able to purchase USDC and other cryptocurrencies with their credit card directly in the wallet via an external third-party provider, e.g., Ramp, Wyre, Transak, etc. 
  • Interacting with smart contracts: Users will be able to interact with all smart contracts on supported chains. These interactions could include voting, bidding, selling, purchasing, insuring, etc. 
  • Non-custodial: Sequence Wallets are non-custodial. However, products could build a custodial wallet via the Sequence SDK. 
  • Not self-hosted: Sequence Wallets are not self-hosted. However, other third-party products could build a self-hosted wallet via the Sequence SDK. 
  • Authenticator tool: Sequence Wallets can be used as an authentication tool for gaming or other applications (e.g. login tool for Uniswap, Reddit, or others) 
  • Contact list: Users can build their own contact lists to facilitate asset transfers and transaction history description. 
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