What is a public wallet key (AKA wallet address)?

A public key is a unique identifier associated with your wallet, also referred to as the wallet address. It is the address used to receive funds into your wallet and it is safe to share. 

Be careful to only send assets to your wallet on the blockchain network that your wallet is associated with. For example, Ethereum addresses always start with “0x” and you should only send Ethereum-based assets to such an address. Polygon addresses also start with 0x since the network is EVM-compatible, hence be mindful which network you’re using since gas fees are much higher on the Ethereum mainnet. 

The Sequence Wallet is EVM-compatible and currently supports Ethereum and Polygon networks, meaning that you can transfer digital assets to your Sequence Wallet using those networks. Your Sequence Wallet address displays in the top right corner of your screen when accessing your wallet at https://sequence.app.



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